About Us

Who is Cupcakes & Caviar?

Tawana is an east Coast native and lover of all things fashion. Her obsession with timeless "old school" pieces, mixed with legendary runway looks, created an authentic form of fashion that makes what she does unique and effortless. As a Business graduate of Hawaii Pacific University and several years of extensive visual & retail experience with fashion companies like the Vanity Fair brand, she decided to evolve into the fashion world to create a fun and affordable brand, that is now known as "Cupcakes & Caviar". 

What is Cupcakes & Caviar?

Cupcakes & Caviar represents the everyday woman. It defines not one ideal standard, not a specific age group or cultural background but the person who enjoys the freedom of being a style icon by her own definition. This girl may be a college student, a high-powered attorney, the stay-at-home mom or the millennial fashionista. We offer a range of dope pieces guaranteed to turn heads in any room. And just as a cupcake represents a small bite of sweetness and caviar, a unique delicacy for the admired pallet, our mission is to cater to every scope of every woman to celebrate in the ever-changing world of fashion.